About Me

I know what you might be thinking:

Who is this handsome guy that wants me to listen to him about marketing?

Hey I'm Stan

Founder of Leading Full Service Marketing Agency in California Stan Tscherenkow www.stanconsultingllc.com

I am the founder of Stan Consulting. I am an expert marketer and entrepreneur. 

After leaving big corporate game I moved to California and have started my Marketing Consultancy Agency.

Whether you’re about to launch a new project, need advice on expanding your Business and/or Brand, or would like a timely tip on matters big or small - I’m your go-to source. Contact me today to set up a meeting and find out more about what I can do for you.


Well Who Am I?

Corporate life

I traveled to more than 50 countries from Asia to America solving my clients problems. While working for a consulting agency I helped several corporations achieve their goals and grow their brands.

Although the main focus was alway on marketing, I was the man for difficult tasks and challenges. I had no daily routine and had to stay creative continuously developing new solutions. I found new suppliers from around the world, negotiated contracts, developed marketing and sales strategies for multinational corporations and incorporated subsidiaries. 

Until one day: I said it's enough!!! The race will never stop! 



Today I help businesses like yours grow while utilizing digital marketing.

Digital Marketing is the key to your success.


If you’ve ever asked yourself any of the questions below: 

"How can I get more customers?"
"How can I persuade someone to work with (or help) me?"
"How can I negotiate lower prices, higher salaries, and better rates?"
"How can I price my products profitably and entice people to buy them?"
"How can I convince people to listen to me?"
"How do I get people to buy things from me or refer people to me?"

You’re in the right place.

Contact us today and find out how we can help you grow your Business and Brand.