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Let us boost your business with Social Media Advertising. 

Benefits of Facebook

No other platform can give your business such detailed targeting options like Facebook does. You can generate sales, leads, website visits, store visits, calls and promote events. 

Target your audience by exact geo location. Geo targeting

is one of the tools businesses miss-use. Don't just target your area, target local collage to congratulate for the last weekends win and stay relevant for your clients. 

If you are an electrician, Look which area in your City had a blackout and target this area to offer support. 


Target by demographics


Laser Sharp Targeting


Facebook can find your ideal client based on huge variety of criteria. Target your client using the insight of household size, income, interests and more. Additionally to that, our Agency is using API to target additional interests, which can't be found in the dashboard.

If you are a Roofer, Contractor or Real Estate Agent your can target homeowners in your city to offer your services. 


create lookalike audience and boost your business with stan consulting

Create Lookalike Audience


This is a hidden Gem! Create similar audience to your existing clients, website visitors, leads and skyrocket your business. This feature only can generate 300% increase in Revenue! 



Comparing Facebook and Groupon Facebook vs Groupon

If a business is currently running offers on Groupon, the following stats may be a bit frightening...

  • Groupon has an approval process. FB Ads are instant.

  • Groupon deals stick at 80%+ discount, while FB ads can use a good lead magnet with up-sells.

  • Groupon owns leads/emails. FB leads are yours to resell to (building your list).

  • Groupon lists aren't really segmented. FB Ads can target competition and local.

  • Groupon pays 30-60 days out. Clients from FB are cash on.

  • You don't go to Facebook to find cheap Groupon deals. Facebook leads have a higher chance of converting to lifetime customers or at least use the service again.

"We help businesses achieve great results with Facebook Advertising”

Some more facts:

  • If you sell 100 Groupon vouchers but only 20 redeem, Groupon keeps the money and you don't see a cent.

  • Groupon buyers usually use a service once

The stats are pretty crazy right? Most businesses use Groupon as it’s the only way they know to get their name out there. But it comes at a cost… You have to advertise really cheap and it attracts offer scroungers.


Do you really want that for your business?

We have seen incredible results with helping businesses transfer from Groupon to Facebook Advertising. How would 200 new local customer enquiries in one month transform your business? Well that’s exactly what one of our lovely clients experienced when switching to Facebook Ads.

We have a proven system that we implement for all of our clients which allows us to target their dream customers.


This means less money wasted on advertising that doesn’t get results.

"We target the dream audience for our Customers. Not someone, who is just scrolling through Groupon, looking for a cheap deal"


Everyone is on Facebook

Most of your customers are scrolling through Facebook. In fact, in the first quarter of 2019 alone, the platform had 2.38 billion monthly active users.

And the majority of users look through their pages multiple times a day. Whether they’re at work or sitting in the waiting room at the doctor’s office. This is a platform that’s frequently visited on mobile devices and computers.

Putting your brand in front of so many people increases your brand awareness. Even if the consumers don’t make a purchase right away, they will be more likely to think of your brand when they’re ready to make a purchase because it’s been put in front of them.

Our highly trained and experienced team has the tools to put your products/services in front of the right audience. 

We will utilize Facebook based on your needs. Schedule a strategy session and find out how you can use Messenger Ads and WhatsApp Ads, Local Awareness Ads, Offer Claims, Event Ads, Instagram Mobile App Ads, Desktop App, Mobile App, Page Post Text, Page Post Video Ads, Page Post Photo Ads, Page Like Ads, Collection Ads, Canvas Ads, Facebook Lead Ads, Dynamic Product Ads (DPA), Dynamic Product Ads (DPA), Boosted Page Posts, Video Ads and Link Click Ads.  


Advertise, Optimize and Increase Your Sales and Market Share with Facebook using StanConsulting Services.


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